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Posted 407 days ago


Small safe with key n dial lock
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Mohan Dhakal Call me 0523972554
  • murtaza002@ take direct from me for through meetoo i hv to pay for delivery as well
  • Mohan Dhakal You doesn’t like 40 for that
  • Mohan Dhakal Hello
  • Mohan Dhakal Ok make 40
  • murtaza002@ 40
  • Mohan Dhakal Hello what you thing?
  • murtaza002@ this is best
  • Mohan Dhakal 40 ok I will take that if you like
  • murtaza002@ yes
  • dhakal the dial key is working?
  • 👠👜👛Ladies Lanes 🎒👒💃🏻 My mob no is 0503784979 pls whatsap thank u
  • murtaza002@ no i m not getting it
  • 👠👜👛Ladies Lanes 🎒👒💃🏻 Ok i already sent them mesage. Im also sending u chat message. Its sending but i think u r not recieving
  • murtaza002@ i cannot..chk with customer service
  • 👠👜👛Ladies Lanes 🎒👒💃🏻 Hello, its disabled on mine, i cannot click the buy it now. Can u please check. Thank u
  • murtaza002@ click on buy
  • 👠👜👛Ladies Lanes 🎒👒💃🏻 I will buy it but how?
  • murtaza002@ sorry
  • dhakal 35 ok
  • murtaza002@ u want
  • murtaza002@ smallZZ size.. roughly 8inch in height and 5inch in width
  • facebootik what size
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45 AED, delivery included