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Mini sewing machine at lowest price

Mini sewing machine
  • Brand : Other
  • Condition : NEW
  • Type : Other
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh !! watch my language!!
  • Ahmedkhaled Fuck offf you are crazy watch you language
  • Dr.pransh you are Crazy! I'm offering you 50% profit!!!
  • Ahmedkhaled Hahahah go away i dont like buyers like you
  • Dr.pransh Ahmed thanks for your comment. can you please upload advertisement of 100 pieces in aed 150? I would like to buy as many pieces as you can supply!
  • Ahmedkhaled Guys dont buy this only cost 1 dhs
  • Dr.pransh try to buy then you will know it brother
  • Ahmedkhaled Delivery is 10 dhs not 14
  • Dr.pransh Wow guys you are smart! go pls buy it from Awok in and 3!!! let me explain you- 1. there is delivery charge of aed 14. 2. you can not order more than one item! 3. you need to make order of aed 30 so you will spend aed 44 min. 4. this item might be available once in few months so you can wait and check it daily! I'm selling in aed 57 where you can use 50% free credit so you can decide whether you want to buy in aed 28 or 44!!
  • Mohammad Uddin ya 3 dhm
  • Ahmedkhaled Haha from awok
  • Dr.pransh Hi Zawgity sorry I can make 57 last
  • Dr.pransh up
  • mitz 50 ?
  • Dr.pransh Waheed, Aed 74 is last price don't waste your time pls
  • Mohammad Uddin 15 aed
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Mohammad Uddin 10 aed
  • Dr.pransh pls send me msg
  • Dr.pransh yes new
  • mitz Is it new? Hm Last price?
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57 AED, delivery included