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Posted 342 days ago

50% cash back Nokia 3

Nokia 3 dual SIM, 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM, 4G, buy on 17th Nov and get 50% cash back!
  • Brand : Other
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar in souq you will get even lower, try..
  • habeeb rahman 425
  • habeeb rahman suman now available in carrifore
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar Suman I have told you earlier! go and buy from Shop!
  • suman ahamed Any shop now only 425 it's price
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar hi, do you want this mobile or not?
  • Raju Ramolu thank you
  • Raju Ramolu ok
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar so this is confirmed order, pls handover balance of aed 289 at the time of delivery. thank you
  • Raju Ramolu i used free credit so i will pay 289
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar pls confirm, you you will accept so I can deliver
  • Raju Ramolu ok
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar I'm not sure how much free credit you have used, if you haven't used any free credit then you will have to pay aed 589. if you have used free credit of aed 300, you will have to pay 289!
  • Raju Ramolu how much i need to pay now
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar pls confirm you still need this so I will accept
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar dear Raju, thanks for your purchase. pls note that 50% credit back offer is no more valid on this mobile
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar when you will buy this product you will get free credit of aed 250 back!
  • Abdul Allah 50% cash back means ?
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar up
  • Jigisha_Khakhkhar guys buy from outside!
  • habeeb rahman how much last price
  • suman ahamed 425 is new in market
  • habeeb rahman 437for new
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589 AED, delivery included