Aysha Ashraf Aysha Ashraf
Posted 467 days ago


Hi iam selling Wi-Fi router watz shown in picture dat only
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Aysha Ashraf me also I have talked to meltoo they told dey will tell me within 24hrs
  • Basant Rana hi i did not received the package yet. i called them 10 times they are trolling me.i don't know what is the problem with courier company.
  • Aysha Ashraf 😊
  • Asif Baloch it's okay.no problem.
  • Aysha Ashraf okay sorry for the delay
  • Basant Rana okay..
  • Aysha Ashraf the courier told dey will call me back will let u no by tommarrow
  • Basant Rana what happened?
  • Aysha Ashraf I contacted with meltoo and the courier it was by mistake I will also contact with courier
  • Basant Rana let me call them tomorrow.
  • Aysha Ashraf It was given on 5th of feb
  • Basant Rana waiting for delivery.
  • Basant Rana no not yet.
  • Aysha Ashraf Hi basant did you receive the item
  • Basant Rana hi I'm interested
  • Aysha Ashraf bst price
  • Aysha Ashraf up
  • Aysha Ashraf price reduced
  • Aysha Ashraf datz the final price
  • Asif Baloch final price?
  • Aysha Ashraf ☝️
  • Aysha Ashraf .
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250 AED, delivery included