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Solid heavy wood, bought in Emporium furniture. Its in v good condition except small water stain on its top ( mild not big) . Price is pretty high due to melltoo charge for delivery- it needs two people to carry.
  • Condition : Used, normal wear & tear
  • Type : Living room
Delivery included, money back garantee
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  • Betina Tajer .
  • Betina Tajer .
  • Betina Tajer .
  • Macy Castellano Let me make sure that I understand correctly 🤔 ! Are you saying if I have posted an item for sale last week for example ... adding the up word to the comments or any comment from costumers will pull up my posted item to the front and ppl will see it first instead keep it behind from last week ?! Please correct me if I am wrong ! Thnx
  • Betina Tajer Macy , each comment under picture will put announcement on top of the list :)
  • Macy Castellano Sorry! What does it mean when you add the word Up as a comment ?! I am new here in Melltoo ! Would love to know ! Thnx
  • Betina Tajer Up
  • Macy Castellano 🔴Tip, polish the water stain with a bit of Coconut oil, leave the oil for a while ( until the wood absorbs the oil and then rub it as you are polishing it and the water stain will disappear 👌🏽but you have to do this in every while (whenever you recognize the appearance of the water stain again) good luck🍀 it’s such a beautiful pcs, I would’ve take it , but I am also selling my stuff /EXPATS MOVE! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Betina Tajer Up
  • Betina Tajer Up
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