Mark Jet_Manalaysay Mark Jet_Manalaysay
Posted 484 days ago

i5 laptop e6420

im selling dell 14inch core i5 e6420 10gb ram windows 10 note screen is damage but all works well if u plug it in a monitor or tv like i do. with hdmi or vga cable. or replace the lcd. other than that all works well very fast booting up at less than 10 sec.
  • Brand : Dell
  • Memory : 128 GB
  • Condition : Some damage, in working condition
  • RAM : other
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  • Rushil okay.. thanks.. good n8!
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay yeah sure ill keep that in mind. let u know bro night.
  • Rushil pls do say.. i am in need of one
  • Rushil i know.. if u have a laptop
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay i see but this one is damage screen. u need monitor for it lol
  • Rushil but Mark see i dont have a monitor.. i just want a portable laptop.. or somethig like dat.. u have any..?😊
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay including amd processor 3ple core
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay bro why not build a pc then. for light gaming i have gts 450. u buy it and ill include a working mobo+rams all u need is a case and a psu.
  • Rushil why bro.. okay.. u have like this type or any i just want to play "fortnite battle royale" and some other games like "gta 5" i have 200.. pls tell me if u have.. i messaged u in pm but u did not reply to me..
  • Malik Zeerak27 next time same pice in same price pls give me
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay just pm me for ur offer
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay sorry bro sold. i have another for gaming check it out. its desktop can run most aaa hames in high to ultra.
  • Rushil pls i will buy.. pls cancel his order let me buy this
  • Rushil pls i will buy
  • Rushil
  • Rushil i was asking specs after that i would buy..
  • Rushil not fair man
  • Rushil who bought it?
  • Rushil reply bro in pm
  • Rushil okay..
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay up
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay pm
  • Rushil Mark is it good for gaming? for games like gta 5, gmod, cs go? can u tell me more about the specs..
  • Rushil i mean the lcd? i am interested..
  • Rushil what is the outside price for screen?
  • Rushil 100?
  • Saad Saleem 150????
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