Cessie Cessie
Posted 514 days ago

IPhone 5s 64GB bug

IPhone 5s 64GB in Gold Color.Used in good condition.With original box.No scratch or dents.Always have a silicon case and tempered glass protection.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • muhammad azeem ok I will wait but make 675
  • Celeste Condino please wait need for approval in Melltoo but i already post it
  • muhammad azeem It's still pending with meltto for approval
  • Celeste Condino i already post it
  • muhammad azeem I will buy it now if you post it now
  • muhammad azeem ok please make it 675
  • Celeste Condino i will post this again because Melltoo cannot delete so i post it again.
  • Celeste Condino ok but you need to wait long time that's why the previous buyer cancel this item because Melltoo courier is not good.waiting for 15days and still not collected this item so the buyer cancel it
  • muhammad azeem its okay by melltoo atleast can use our fee credit
  • Celeste Condino 2days you can get this item.
  • Celeste Condino or if you like i can send to you by courier COD delivery less hassle and free delivery charge
  • muhammad azeem okay
  • Celeste Condino its not sold..I will request to melltoo to make this available.
  • muhammad azeem so madam how can I buy you already mentioned sold
  • Celeste Condino last price posted,sir
  • muhammad azeem what is the last price
  • Celeste Condino still available..the admin cancel.
  • muhammad azeem sold?
  • Rogelio Ilustrisimo 600 mam
  • Mohammad Uddin want to sell
  • Mohammad Uddin 650
  • Mohammad Uddin all acceseries
  • Mohammad Uddin what madam
  • Celeste Condino Pki message ako sa Watsapp,sir
  • Gimikero Dozamen san ba location mo mam?
  • Celeste Condino 0561582655
  • Gimikero Dozamen whatsap number mo mam? ako na kukuha
  • Celeste Condino 705
  • Gimikero Dozamen magkano nga ulit mam
  • Celeste Condino ok sir
  • Mohammad Uddin i will close the deal
  • Mohammad Uddin 650 u can make
  • Celeste Condino last price npo un,sir
  • Gimikero Dozamen mam magkano last price mo kunin ko gify ko sana sa nanay ko
  • Mohammad Uddin then phone will become slow
  • Celeste Condino its upgrade sir
  • Mohammad Uddin did u upgrade it to new os
  • Celeste Condino yes sir..Im only use this phone for 3months.
  • Mohammad Uddin if u can
  • Mohammad Uddin make it 650 i will buy now
  • Mohammad Uddin perfectly working na
  • Celeste Condino what error sir?
  • Mohammad Uddin any error
  • Celeste Condino that is the last price,sir
  • Mohammad Uddin make 600 i will buy now
  • Mohammad Uddin any error
  • Celeste Condino yes po.available pa
  • Mohammad Uddin any error showing some cloud backup on screen
  • Mohammad Uddin make 600 i will buy
  • Gimikero Dozamen available pa iphone nyo
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705 AED, delivery included