Jaber Muhammad Jaber Muhammad
Posted 504 days ago

Android 4k internet TV box (apps/games)

Android internet TV -Skype, youtube, facebook, online videos -4k streaming -Android games -Apps/ Google play -Internet Browsing -SD card slot -4x usb slots -Ethernet slot -Hdmi cable included -Bluetooth Compatibility for joysticks
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Jaber Muhammad yes both
  • Umar Innocent okay bro both thing
  • Jaber Muhammad yes they picked it up 15mins ago 👌🏼
  • Umar Innocent did they pick up
  • Jaber Muhammad no problem 👌🏼
  • Umar Innocent thanks bro
  • Jaber Muhammad yes yes ofcourse i got the notification for courier pick up will be giving them the item tomo
  • Umar Innocent hello bro they will come to u tomorrow please give tham the thing tomorrow i need it tomorrow
  • Umar Innocent done bro
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed u place add as i set of 2
  • Jaber Muhammad sent u a chat
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed hey bro
  • Jaber Muhammad i cant see u, u have blocked me i cant mssage u
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 300 total both in one add okay
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed place an add and masage me i will buy
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed okay done make it
  • Jaber Muhammad becasue u have blocked me on chat
  • Jaber Muhammad yea i can make it 150 and 150
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed brother i need to order today
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed give me your whatapp i will masage u
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed what'sapp
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed on what
  • Jaber Muhammad it says user has blocked u 😝
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed give me your whatapp i will masage u
  • Jaber Muhammad i unfollowed u try sending now
  • Jaber Muhammad no not blocked try maybe because im following u
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed or maybe u block me
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed than let me check this
  • Jaber Muhammad if u want i can make both items 150 /150
  • Jaber Muhammad i cant see ur profile also
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed i did but no answer
  • Jaber Muhammad u can click on direct chat to seller
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed maybe some thing worng with chat masaage me 0503602118
  • Jaber Muhammad send me a direct pm on this ad and i will tell u the price
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed okay i need give me some discount if i like i will buy more from u put in one add
  • Jaber Muhammad hi boss i got the projector
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed i need both thing on one time when u get masage me
  • Jaber Muhammad but as soon as possible will let u noe
  • Jaber Muhammad the tv box is available, but projector currently now not available
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed all sold
  • Jaber Muhammad plus i dnt have projector its already sold
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed okay how much u will give
  • Jaber Muhammad sorry thats too low
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed projector
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed i need protector and tv box my offer is 300
  • Jaber Muhammad Stream movies and tv shows
  • Jaber Muhammad yes boss?
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed brother tell me
  • Jaber Muhammad full functional smart remote
  • Jaber Muhammad Free tv streaming via wifi
  • Jaber Muhammad 4k hdmi cable included
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300 AED, delivery included