Zainab Mufaddal Zainab Mufaddal
Posted 499 days ago

Panasonic dry grinder with 2 cups

Panasonic dry grinder with 2 cups one used and other brand new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Zainab Mufaddal No not yet I just got a message of courier confirmation
  • Atul_Moren Did they pick up the blender
  • Zainab Mufaddal The machine is working fine and so our both the cups don't worry I know the melltoo rules
  • Atul_Moren Else it will be a loss for both
  • Zainab Mufaddal Yes sure
  • Atul_Moren But please ensure it’s in a working condition
  • Atul_Moren Can you make it 45 I will buy
  • Atul_Moren Hi
  • Zainab Mufaddal No sorry I guess it's better u get it from the market the jug ll not cost you more than 30
  • Atul_Moren I am in need of a big container so if you can manage a big container I will buy in the same price
  • Zainab Mufaddal I don't get you?
  • Atul_Moren We in need of a bigger container so if you can manage il buy
  • Zainab Mufaddal If it's Panasonic yes
  • Atul_Moren But can I use my big container for this which I got with other mixer ?
  • Zainab Mufaddal If u want I can make it 45 last
  • Zainab Mufaddal No only these two
  • Atul_Moren You don’t have a bigger container with it
  • Zainab Mufaddal It's already less I'm hardly getting anything
  • Atul_Moren Can you make it less
  • Zainab Mufaddal It's a year old
  • Atul_Moren Working fine right...How old is it ?
  • Atul_Moren Was planning to buy
  • Zainab Mufaddal Yes ofcourse
  • Atul_Moren Is it working ?
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