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Posted 463 days ago

Bundle Offer! Preloved 4 pair of #shoes.

Preloved shoes for girls. All from branded stores. Used hardly. Size 22 & 23. But it fits same at the same age. Just in some shops you get size 22 or 23 but for same age group.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Vivian Ngwe ok
  • Px Have changed
  • Px Okay
  • Vivian Ngwe ok change the price then I will buy
  • Px 55
  • Px Not yours not mine
  • Px 55 last last
  • Vivian Ngwe if 50 will buy now
  • Px For all of them
  • Px No
  • Vivian Ngwe is this price for one
  • Px And all are branded
  • Px The condition is perfect
  • Px I will give you 60 last
  • Vivian Ngwe give for 50
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55 AED, delivery included