Used Lenovo ideapad Z575(4gb ram,500rom) in Dubai, UAE
Shah Maraj_Hossain Shah Maraj_Hossain

Lenovo ideapad Z575(4gb ram,500rom)

Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • pavan raju 460 bro
  • Mohan Modi this laptop available
  • Mohan Modi hiiiii
  • pavan raju 460
  • resty Still available
  • Shah Maraj_Hossain Ok
  • Jelin Jelin c 450 ok
  • Shah Maraj_Hossain Ok
  • Biju Bhai 455
  • Shah Maraj_Hossain Battery 30+ min No other issues
  • Asif Baloch battery timing? and any other issue? I'm want to buy.
  • Samee Ravee 450
  • Asif Baloch what about battery backup and any other issue? and final price.?
  • Basant Rana 400
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534 AED, delivery included