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Posted 460 days ago

Nokia 3 in perfect condition! ♡

Nokia 3 in perfect condition with 10 months warranty♡
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Dr.pransh Ajaz, pls accept mobile so Melltoo can release the fund pls
  • ajaz Mohammad 😃okay i buy now Thanks sir
  • Dr.pransh Ok.. but this is the last price deal and that is too for 30 mins only.
  • ajaz Mohammad Bro please make 590
  • ajaz Mohammad Okay 480/- i will buy
  • ajaz Mohammad No no its this second hand yaar
  • Dr.pransh I have changed the price, pls buy if you are interested. this is now non negotiable price..
  • Dr.pransh I won't mind in holding it for more days but definitely won't sale at lower price so if you are serious buyer, pls buy..
  • Dr.pransh I can not make anything less than aed 610. not even 605 so pls let me know if you are interested
  • ajaz Mohammad Okay make 560/- right now i will buy
  • Dr.pransh any complaint, you can return within 3 days, I will accept it back. it also has 10 months Nokia warranty
  • Dr.pransh like brand new only..
  • Dr.pransh it is in perfect condition
  • ajaz Mohammad Please make 540/- please i buy now
  • ajaz Mohammad And how Condition please tell me ture
  • Dr.pransh Hi Ajaz, good day brother... I can make aed 625 if you want..
  • ajaz Mohammad What is last price bro
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
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591 AED, delivery included