Abood Yas Abood Yas
Posted 423 days ago

Action Camera waterproof

Waterproof casing Action Camera
footprint Seller donates 30 AED to Sponsor orphans
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abood Yas I msgd the melltoo team to cancel it.they said they will cancel the transaction
  • Rushil you must not deliver it thats it..
  • Rushil i dont have the option
  • Rushil but how?
  • Rushil okay.. i will cancel
  • Rushil i wanted it..
  • Rushil no but why?
  • Janish Shafeer awok 1 dhs or 5dhs
  • Abood Yas hi jose.plz cancel the purchase.i tried to check the camera.but there is some fault with it the pictures nad video are darker than expected.i will withdraw the listing from melltoo.sorry buddy.
  • Rushil If it is not good or upto my expectation can I return it?
  • Rushil Okay..
  • Abood Yas bro all details are on the box.i haven't used it don't know all that
  • Rushil Can you tell me the model no. Please sir.
  • Rushil Bro How much mega pixels is it
  • Rushil Bro can u msg with me on private chat?
  • Abood Yas thanks
  • Rushil 👏
  • Rushil Nice work dude!
  • Rushil Is this for charity.. I will buy wait..😊👍
  • Rushil Hey
  • Abood Yas selling only on melltoo
  • Ishaq give me it number and where u leave
  • Abood Yas sorry
  • Ishaq make it 40
  • Abood Yas that's last buddy.money goes to charity
  • Ishaq last how much
  • Abood Yas up
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57 AED, delivery included