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Posted 358 days ago

Galaxy note 3

  • Brand : Samsung
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • salomy salomyy 440
  • Junaid Pasha how much last
  • salomy salomyy sorry
  • Junaid Pasha 300
  • salomy salomyy yes
  • Francis Sol still available?
  • salomy salomyy yes
  • suman ahamed Did you uploaded it?
  • suman ahamed I didn't see it maybe it will take few times to showed in mellto page,
  • suman ahamed Ok
  • salomy salomyy i put it now
  • salomy salomyy ok
  • suman ahamed If you not busy & if you upload now i will buy now
  • suman ahamed Upload on mellto i will buy now from my another friend id
  • suman ahamed Used or brand new? Is it international version?
  • salomy salomyy i have one gold
  • suman ahamed Are you still busy or you don't have stock?
  • suman ahamed I will wait for your reply
  • suman ahamed Sorry for disturbing bro
  • suman ahamed Ok, when you free then tell me. I need one more mobile
  • salomy salomyy i'm busy now
  • suman ahamed If you don't have can you confirm me?
  • suman ahamed Hello
  • suman ahamed Salomy 530 ok?
  • suman ahamed Salomy i saw you already sold one piece redmi 4x note in 530 so can you give me in 530?
  • suman ahamed Salomy if you have Redmi 4x inform i need one more
  • salomy salomyy sorry
  • suman ahamed 500 possible?
  • salomy salomyy but redmi note 4x not redmi 4x
  • salomy salomyy 550
  • suman ahamed How much
  • salomy salomyy yes gold
  • suman ahamed Salomy do you have any other Redmi 4x?
  • salomy salomyy 650 last
  • sanu gibin 600
  • salomy salomyy 650 last
  • Kamran Shehzad 580
  • Imran Khan 570
  • salomy salomyy 650
  • Dr.pransh Make it 550, I will buy now
  • Dr.pransh Hi
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