Abdul Abdul
Posted 325 days ago


New LG G4 original. 32gb and 3gb ram for more details please pm me.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abdul for more details pm me
  • Abdul No
  • shahadat have any warrenty
  • Abdul Please pm me
  • shahadat 0556082979 whatsapp me
  • Nadeem Shahid 500 ok?
  • Abdul Yes
  • shahadat it is new?
  • Abdul That's what I told you.
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba 200 is worth By blocking won’t change my idea nor my budget Such acts are done by losers
  • Abdul 534
  • Sana then last how much ?
  • Abdul Sorry
  • Sana make 450 please
  • Abdul yes
  • Sana 4g ?
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530 AED, delivery included