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Posted 444 days ago

Air freshener dispenser

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  • rose lover it's there in the pictures . in pic 3 the spray can is resting on it
  • PaRul_Ghalot oh ok..even i have no idea about that option 🤔
  • rose lover it is ok without the size adjuster . you can still use it normally but it would be nice to have it
  • PaRul_Ghalot i have same pieces
  • rose lover you have other pieces ?, can you check if those have it
  • PaRul_Ghalot i do not know that
  • rose lover it didn't come with the size adjustment plate
  • PaRul_Ghalot you can buy now
  • rose lover buy button is disabled , that's why I asked on availability.
  • PaRul_Ghalot ok i do 45 for can buy now
  • PaRul_Ghalot it is available
  • rose lover this is not available anymore ?
  • rose lover .
  • rose lover so the height of the can is also adjustable ?
  • rose lover it is available to buy ? , I will offer 40 for it
  • PaRul_Ghalot yes
  • rose lover you there?
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