Waqas Siddiqui Waqas Siddiqui
Posted 442 days ago

Samsung HD 16mp Digital Cam

16mp HD cam very less usage good batery timing excellent image/video result
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Waqas Siddiqui just now. I hope they note ot down and proceed further
  • Waqas Siddiqui i did last night also.. provided them again also
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale I check with Mell too they are saying you didn’t provide the address to book
  • Waqas Siddiqui i provided them the address. let see when they arrange the shipment
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Have to book the address to Mell too
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale It is battery charger or direct charger
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Ok
  • Waqas Siddiqui i have only camera. any samsung charger can be used for the charging
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale But hope u have its adaptor
  • Aminata M Conteh ok how will i get it
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Make it I will buy
  • Waqas Siddiqui 140 is the last price
  • Aminata M Conteh 130dh i will buy
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Make it 140
  • Waqas Siddiqui bought it 2 yrs ago. but used just few times
  • Aminata M Conteh How many yrs did u use it for?
  • Waqas Siddiqui 140
  • Danish L last price bro ?
  • Waqas Siddiqui 140
  • Rushil price?
  • Rushil sir last
  • Waqas Siddiqui ok you can buy
  • Rushil i want this item pls reply to my msg
  • Waqas Siddiqui yes
  • Rushil heloo
  • Waqas Siddiqui yes
  • larah ocliazo Still available?
  • ronica redondo thanks
  • Waqas Siddiqui ok
  • ronica redondo 140
  • Waqas Siddiqui 160
  • ronica redondo last price
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