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Posted 465 days ago

Samsung Note 4

Samsung Note 4 ,,,personal use,,, uae original phone,,,not uk or usa,,, good condition
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Sv Muhammed +971557517814
  • Jitender jangir dear sv Muhammad please give me your mobile number
  • faymoo Am also send many. No reply
  • Sv Muhammed so many private msgs i sent. no reply.
  • Sv Muhammed can u provide me the model no.
  • Sv Muhammed normally 64 gb not coming with UAE Version.
  • Sv Muhammed if any problem i will return the fone.
  • Sv Muhammed why u are not replying.
  • Sv Muhammed what is the condition of battery
  • Sv Muhammed anycomplaints?
  • faymoo I send many msg no reply then u sold. This s very bad
  • Jitender jangir yes dear 64 gb
  • Sv Muhammed r u sure this fone 64 gb
  • Sv Muhammed any complaint?
  • Sv Muhammed what is the battery condition
  • Sv Muhammed what is the model no of this fone. 910c or 910f?
  • Biju Bhai 500
  • faymoo Any complaints?, Battery ?
  • faymoo I send u msg. No reply ?
  • Jitender jangir its 64.gb and 3 gb ram
  • Umair 460
  • Md Hidayatullah please make 450
  • Jitender jangir yes dear
  • Md Hidayatullah its 3gb ram
  • Jitender jangir dear its last price 534
  • Md Hidayatullah last price
  • Jitender jangir 1 Year
  • Md Hidayatullah how month old
  • Jitender jangir yes dear my personal used phone
  • Md Hidayatullah how month old
  • Md Hidayatullah what is your last price
  • Md Hidayatullah its original
  • Jitender jangir only with charger
  • Biju Bhai you have charger or earphone
  • Md Hidayatullah have accessories
  • Umair 460
  • Md Hidayatullah how month old
  • Md Hidayatullah ram,memory
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534 AED, delivery included