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Ps3 with a joystick and 5 games.

Ps3 500gb with a joystick and 5 games. Excellent condition.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
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  • Morrad Great item
  • jonhrie miranda Interested Send Me All The Info On WhatsApp #0568840542
  • Px Next time kindly don’t comment under my items regarding your ads or else I will report you.
  • Mohammad Inaim Hello , check my latest Ad for PS4 competitive price !!
  • Px I have sent you pictures and a message in a private chat. Please check it.
  • Joseph Crisologo Give me ur contact number
  • Px Joseph please pm me so that I can send you more pictures
  • Px I can take that tomorrow for you if you want?
  • Joseph Crisologo I mean different angle
  • Joseph Crisologo Yes outside and do u have any pic of this??
  • Px Outside?
  • Joseph Crisologo 450??
  • Px Yes
  • Joseph Crisologo Including original cable and wires??
  • Px 500 outsife the melltoo
  • Joseph Crisologo 400 outside the meltoo
  • Px 500 only outside melltoo
  • Rushil fottnite available?
  • Rushil 500
  • Px 0501472020
  • Abrahim Shaikh Give me ur num
  • Px 600 and outside melltoo 550
  • Joseph Crisologo Last price??
  • Px Sorry
  • Abrahim Shaikh Boss 350
  • Px Hello
  • sri kanth hi
  • Px Message me privately I meant
  • gig can you post the item
  • gig I don't understand
  • Px Pm me please
  • gig can you post it
  • gig how much
  • Px Yes
  • gig did you have joystick USB for laptop
  • Px Ashok write under your items please.
  • Ashok Adhikari visit my profile for ps3
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  • folayemi Aderibigbe Have you seen it now
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  • folayemi Aderibigbe Hi dear
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  • Ailaf Kapdi Hey when did I write
  • Px Why do you write on my wall
  • Px Listen I’ll report you now
  • Ailaf Kapdi I've 22 games message me
  • Sabin Magar Football game you don't have
  • Px Silent Hill and Call of duty modern warfare 3
  • Sabin Magar Which one games you have
  • Px 600 i mean
  • Px 609
  • Sabin Magar How much
  • Px And I also have ps3 500gb
  • Ailaf Kapdi oh so sorry maan....
  • Px Kindly don’t write under my items.
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii Sabin....plz visit my page and I will give u all the games details...
  • Sabin Magar How much
  • Ailaf Kapdi I am haing ps3 with 2 Controllers and 22 games.....anyone interested let me know..... ps3 is 500 GB
  • Px 785
  • sayed fatah Make it low
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