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Posted 465 days ago

Swiscardin watch & Bracelets

Watch for her# 1 year warranty #new # cheap price. #Clearence
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • suman ahamed You wrote 1year warranty but inside the box no warranty card so how can i get warranty?
  • suman ahamed So i don't like it
  • suman ahamed It's an ordinary plated watch & bracelet & On this watch/bracelet some place has color trashed mark
  • faymoo 😌 I send orginal brand new watch- if any defect,or damage. Send me return-
  • suman ahamed I am so upset mem because you send me a very low quality ordinary plated items. And in the items body some place has colored trashed mark.
  • suman ahamed Send good quality items but don't send likes after few day problems.
  • faymoo 👍
  • suman ahamed Please send items with box, warranty card
  • suman ahamed Thanks mem
  • faymoo Ok I will change now
  • suman ahamed Hellooo.. Not changing?
  • suman ahamed Not joking mem, seriously if you change i will buy now, change please.
  • faymoo ☹️
  • suman ahamed Please make it 120
  • suman ahamed Make it 120 i will click buy it now, because i have money now
  • faymoo Ok I will reduce now if u want😝
  • suman ahamed Don't worry cute Madem i will buy from you.😄😄
  • faymoo U just commenting I saw many comments . U ask me 1. 280 dhs product for 80 dhs I told u I will giv But u didn’t buy- if u r serious buyer I will change 140, only for u bcz I know won’t buy😝
  • suman ahamed Sorry 120
  • suman ahamed 12
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120 AED, delivery included