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Posted 460 days ago

Gshock original

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  • deepak dahal i don't need a more i want choose a color only
  • deepak dahal how many colors available now
  • miray times U already bought right so u mean u need more
  • miray times Yes
  • deepak dahal sorry for bothering you this model has 3 color right
  • deepak dahal I mean red and black mix on ad photo you placed
  • miray times No also only that the u bought now camo
  • deepak dahal you have red color
  • deepak dahal ok red is ok
  • miray times We dont have green color only rangeman
  • deepak dahal send me a green color ok
  • miray times Ok done
  • manisha dahal 490 plz I will buy now
  • deepak dahal hi
  • deepak dahal 490 plz i will buy now
  • miray times Welcome
  • deepak dahal thanks
  • miray times 506
  • deepak dahal 480
  • deepak dahal you have black color
  • miray times Fixed price
  • manisha dahal 450
  • deepak dahal 400
  • Cheryl not possible kabayab 450 or 460
  • Cheryl ayy ganun.. sayang kala ko pede nkita ko kc n my 399 price ka for almost same item
  • miray times Ah nde po kaya
  • Cheryl bka pede sa 450 nmn
  • Cheryl kabayan my nabenta ka same color for 399
  • miray times Ga-100cm-4adr
  • Cheryl ???
  • Cheryl serial number nung model please
  • miray times Pede neo po xa pacheck sa mga mall sa g factory para sure kayo
  • Cheryl ok
  • miray times Yes money back guarantee
  • Cheryl sure legit po ha.. 100% aunthentic? japan made ba?
  • miray times Ok post kana po
  • Cheryl ok
  • miray times Ok cge
  • Cheryl 480
  • miray times Nde po kaya pag labas melltoo pede po
  • Cheryl kabayan 450
  • miray times Ung green at red lng
  • Cheryl may ibang kulay ka pa neto? if so pa DM po
  • miray times Yes po
  • Cheryl International warranty?
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490 AED, delivery included