Sony BRAVIA LCD TV size 32"
Macy Castellano Macy Castellano

Sony BRAVIA LCD TV size 32"

Sony BRAVIA, LCD TV, size 32", including TV stand, tv wall mount bracket and remote. 🛑can also sell the TV alone calculation will be deferent of course ! Text me for questions regarding the item Spec. if any! Prices are FIXED!
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Macy Castellano UP
  • Macy Castellano It doesn't make any difference where in Dubai !! still it's not AD anyways ! Good Luck shopping.
  • Nasik Gul Dubai where
  • Macy Castellano Dubai
  • Nasik Gul Where r u living
  • Macy Castellano I am sorry! delivery to be paid by buyer for this item!
  • Nasik Gul Yes of course
  • Macy Castellano Abu Dhabi ?!
  • Nasik Gul Mussafa 46
  • Macy Castellano *by the buyer
  • Macy Castellano Where is your location ?!
  • Macy Castellano Normally the delivery is paid but the buyer and not the seller !
  • Nasik Gul If i take all accessories.. delivery charges how much comes.. because i buy one lcd here from meltoo the delivery charges paid by the seller
  • Macy Castellano Can you please explain more !? Thnx
  • Macy Castellano Sorry ?! I don't get your point !! What do you mean ?! Why should I pay they delivery charges ?! I don't understand how are you doing the calculation !
  • Nasik Gul Ok if u wanna take all than u pay delivery charges the price will be the same 670 for me
  • Macy Castellano AED 400,- 🔴E͢X͢C͢L͢U͢D͢I͢N͢G͢ Melltoo delivery cost
  • Nasik Gul Only tv price? how much
  • Macy Castellano Yes
  • Nasik Gul Available
  • Macy Castellano 📺
  • Macy Castellano I've added a pic for the tv wall mount unit to my Melltoo post .. it'll take a min. For approval! Without this Unit you won't be able to hang the TV in the stand !
  • Green Butterfly What tv stand.. or the tv wall mount...? Sorry error typing...
  • Macy Castellano What do you mean by Rock ?!
  • Green Butterfly I want the tv rock how much?
  • Uzbegim dubai marina Uzbegim dubai marina 350
  • Zach Efy 300
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670 AED, delivery included