Sharene Lee Sharene Lee
Posted 460 days ago

2 “antique” :) laptops

Old but in great condition. 1 Acer Aspire 1353LM + 1 Compaq Evo N1020v. Computers are in mint condition but do not include power cables (buy your own!). Can be used or harvested for parts or for a computer museum ;) Sold to sponsor orphans.
footprint Seller donates 23 AED to Support women refugees
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  • Aslam Mehmood pls charge and send the laptops
  • Sharene Lee No charger
  • Ahmedkhaled does they have charger ? including
  • Aslam Mehmood models are pretty old, theres no wifi i just saw
  • Aslam Mehmood ok can u make 50 pls
  • Sharene Lee I am not sure about WiFi, you can google the model specs
  • Aslam Mehmood they have wifi ?
  • Sharene Lee No, I don’t have cable.
  • Aslam Mehmood bith have wifi ?
  • Aslam Mehmood so u can't send cable ?
  • Sharene Lee Ok, I will charge them first
  • Aslam Mehmood so that i can see they are working
  • Aslam Mehmood if I buy when i receive they will be charged ?
  • Sharene Lee Yes
  • Aslam Mehmood both in working condition ?
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