Roy Sabanal Roy Sabanal
Posted 458 days ago

hi im selling this “CANON DSLR EOS 600D”

DSLR CANON EOS600D with PRIME LENS 50mm f1.8 EF II..includes camera bag..
  • Brand : Canon
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ken Javier 0543865122 call me plz
  • Ken Javier any issue sir
  • Ken Javier any issue sir
  • Ken Javier reply now boss I will buy today
  • Ken Javier Boss plz..have memory usb cable strap?
  • Roy Sabanal up
  • Roy Sabanal ken are u still interested??
  • Ken Javier sir give it 1k plz
  • Ujjwal Bista 1000
  • Ken Javier sir wat is ur last prize
  • Ken Javier bro plz reply!! 1k can we go?
  • Ken Javier 1k bro? will go?
  • Roy Sabanal pls check it here.
  • James Kamunyu How many mega pixels??
  • Roy Sabanal yes
  • James Kamunyu Is this still available??
  • bmnomani 700?
  • shahid iqbal 1300
  • shahid iqbal 300
  • shahid iqbal 1500
  • shahid iqbal ......
  • shahid iqbal I want buy ur 600d
  • shahid iqbal ur both products r useless
  • shahid iqbal useless products bro
  • keasha218 roy I want to buy
  • shahid iqbal اذهب إلى الجحيم ... أنا لا تحتاج إلى اللغات الإنجليزية فوفكينغ
  • Roy Sabanal and also bro..pls check your spelling.i don’t know whats a “frenc English”???😂✌🏼
  • Mobeen khan 700
  • shahid iqbal im frenc English is not my first language...
  • Roy Sabanal thanks bro..good for time pls check your’s hard to understand..and i think your just a bitter person..pls mind your own business..
  • shahid iqbal -promote
  • shahid iqbal tc bro
  • shahid iqbal I just promotional your product
  • shahid iqbal no one buy your product more then 600
  • shahid iqbal I alredy sell my product on dubizzle ...
  • Roy Sabanal iqbal i dont get why ur selling ur item here on my page..its because no one interested in ur tym?pls mind ur own business..
  • shahid iqbal which release in 2016
  • shahid iqbal its same like 5d mark3
  • shahid iqbal bro mine is mark1 it release in 2012
  • Roy Sabanal iqbal do u think ur 50d is not old?urs is 2008 release in the market..
  • shahid iqbal this is 600d it is too old cannon products Nodaway cannon 5 and 4d in maket
  • shahid iqbal Remember without lens
  • shahid iqbal I have cannon 50d last price 2500
  • Kamran Shehzad 800
  • Mobeen khan 720
  • Roy Sabanal pls guys no lowballers..pls find other items to make waste.
  • Mobeen khan 720
  • nasrinliza 700
  • shahid iqbal I have cannon 50d any one interested? just 5 to 7 times used
  • Roy Sabanal up
  • Roy Sabanal Hi Adat pls check this link for the specs.thanks
  • Adat0828 nd battery life?
  • Adat0828 shutter count plz ?
  • Roy Sabanal hi mobeen thanks for the interest.pls pm me..thanks
  • Mobeen khan Tellme
  • Mobeen khan I need final price
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