Macy Castellano Macy Castellano
Posted 455 days ago

Portable Massage cushion !

Message & heat mobile /portable cushion complete with all cables & remote ! Can be used indoors as well as in car for long distance drive using the 12V charger cable! Brought from Holland / EU and was used only 2times in UAE ! Very clean and functioning perfectly.
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  • Imtiaz Ali I know but I try this first
  • Imtiaz Ali yes
  • Macy Castellano Why ?! Shouldn't the Melltoo receive it from me and deliver it to you ?! I thought this is how Melltoo works !! I did sell few items a couple of years ago and that's how it was !
  • Imtiaz Ali I want to check first were are you living
  • Macy Castellano 240,- last
  • Imtiaz Ali 200
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