Karim Aziz Oghly Karim Aziz Oghly
Posted 326 days ago

Mini Piggy Bank Safe

This is a mini safe to store anything in. It has a little alot on the top for coins and can be locked and unlocked with a key. It doesn't have a box, I just have it as the safe itself.
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  • Karim Aziz Oghly Technically, yes. If Mohan still wants it
  • SahalShukoor Sold ?
  • Karim Aziz Oghly Yeah I know. I contacted the courier and they took the wrong item instead of yours and ended up trying to give you the wrong package. I just gave them the package and they messed it up. I'm sorry, I'll post it again if you want to try to order it again.
  • Mohan Dhakal I need that .no body bring your gaye doesn’t call me 1 time he came he bring charger what was I not order I order piggy bank safe but he bring charger & now your making cancel what was my order
  • Karim Aziz Oghly I didn't cancel it. The courier confused your package with another one and cancelled it.
  • Mohan Dhakal Hello why you did cancel that mini bank safe who told you & you making cancel?
  • Karim Aziz Oghly Hey Mohan. I was told that someone came to pick it up while I was in class. I got home and it was still here. I'm sorry for the delay man but I'm also waiting for it be picked up. I sent a message to Melltoo saying that it still hasn't been picked up, hopefully the courier will come get it soon. Sorry man
  • Karim Aziz Oghly Sorry Mohan, I was waiting for the courier to come pick it up, Melltoo said there was some sort of delay. It was picked up today.
  • Mohan Dhakal Hello where is my order when you will send?
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