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  • Nadeer Ibrahim Shit
  • asif lalhh i check VR box same colour same thing on 7 AED.plz melltoo u need also focus on this issue.
  • Murugan Jith Give me 15dhrs I buy now
  • Simka123 Simka123 No it’s free and even someone will pay from pocket with Product right ? I said plz don’t tell just buy it why to ask so many questions just for the sake of time waste .
  • Murugan Jith This's original price 12drs only new
  • Simka123 Simka123 It was just waste of time be sure when u r asking for something finally else don’t waste time plz
  • Murugan Jith No need
  • Simka123 Simka123 U want or still thinking? Else I will change price back ?
  • Murugan Jith Some one 40dhrs 😄
  • Simka123 Simka123 No dear no problem at all it’s new
  • Murugan Jith VR box any problem
  • Simka123 Simka123 I have changed price check
  • Murugan Jith Any problem
  • Simka123 Simka123 Ok
  • Murugan Jith 50 ok I will buy now
  • Murugan Jith 50 only
  • Simka123 Simka123 Last 60
  • Murugan Jith 50
  • Simka123 Simka123 70
  • Murugan Jith How much last price
  • Simka123 Simka123 Yes
  • Murugan Jith Support Redmi mobile
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39 AED, delivery included