Youae Youae
Posted 453 days ago

Sony smart watch 3

Sony Smart Watch 3 , start custom colour faded. Used. Just only watch available no scratches. Pls check the start Color. It's custom colour faded.
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  • Zach Efy ok thanks alot. you did that ? how long did it last ?
  • Youae u can do good spray paint. quality one. or hard metallic paint will also be good. don't do cheap paints. it may not stay for long.
  • Youae ok price changed u may buy
  • Zach Efy how will i color can you kindly tell
  • Youae band I think u can get from alibaba and this can be colored.if u use good Color it will stay.
  • Zach Efy where can i get another band ? if not this one can be colored ?
  • Zach Efy ok make :/
  • Youae ok let's make it 235 final
  • Zach Efy I'm on a budget :p
  • Zach Efy I'm on a budget :p
  • Zach Efy 230
  • Youae sorry 240 last. there is commission and delivery charges. so can't lower the price
  • Zach Efy I'll buy
  • Zach Efy can make 210 ?
  • Youae it's only watch I have. no charger. charger is the normal Samsung usb charger.
  • Youae no scratches on screen.
  • Zach Efy scratches on screen ?
  • Saithu Anees what about charger?
  • Zach Efy 210 I'll buy
  • Youae no fault. its just Color faded. don't have other band.
  • Rejeesh Gireesh is there any fault ? do u have other band
  • Youae yes. it was a custom colored and the Color faded.
  • Rejeesh Gireesh the band colour is faded ?
  • Youae Sony Smart Watch 3
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