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Posted 325 days ago

Sony XPERIA Z3 (docomo x)

Having Sony Xperia DoCoMo X for sale, but no box and charger ......only phone
  • Brand : Sony
  • Color : Other
  • Condition : NEW
  • Memory : 32 GB
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Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • waseem royaliis hi
  • Ailaf Kapdi don't talk too much......bye...
  • md emran see I want buy that's y I ask u so many quations otherwise I don't have time so no problem u has mobile I have money so good luck
  • Ailaf Kapdi u said u want more less than 500, when finally u said u will buy for 500..but u didn't buy..again u said less than that...and u wasted my time.... I got angry and that's why I said I will not deal with u... khalass... so better get lost from here!! I don't want a mess over here... just go away!!
  • md emran who said 480? u said u will not accept even if I order now I change my mind I will not buy ur mobile I am the one who give u kick ✌✌
  • Ailaf Kapdi md emran..... I told u every description mate!! U say make 500 u will buy, then u don't buy, again u say make 480 then u will buy.... finally u say I don't need.... people like u usually need to get kicked out to get things done.... hope u know that mate
  • md emran go way I don't care so many mobile in melto
  • Ailaf Kapdi I blocked u mate! no use talking to u. I won't even accept your order if you buy!! khalass
  • md emran when u tell me can send the screen shot?
  • Ailaf Kapdi didn't I tell u the battery backup privately? why r u playing and messing around then?
  • md emran why should I play with u I want buy that's why I ask about discription
  • md emran r u ok?
  • Ailaf Kapdi md emran I gotta report you now...just playing around with me
  • Ailaf Kapdi don't waste your time my friend...i reduce 30 dhs for you.... can't reduce 80 dhs.... doesn't meet my expectation
  • md emran battery backup?
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry no mate!!
  • Murugan Jith Last price 450 👍🏻
  • Ailaf Kapdi 20 mp back and 2.2 mp front
  • Ailaf Kapdi any more questions, u can chat with me friend .
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's single SIM my friend
  • Murugan Jith Sim single
  • Ailaf Kapdi mate! 500 last...if you're interested click the button above...but make to read the description before u buy... But 500 last
  • Ailaf Kapdi no problem mate, just used for 4 months... u can message me mate!! I will give u a good rate!!
  • Murugan Jith Any problem
  • Murugan Jith 450 ok I will buy now
  • Ailaf Kapdi do u want to order ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's Sony Xperia z3
  • fiazahmad can u mention model of that phone
  • Ailaf Kapdi check what's app
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii... I will what's app u
  • Abel Shrestha 0564455489 plz watsapp me
  • md emran bro how I play with u?
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay fine... thanks for troubling and playing with me mate!!!
  • md emran no need
  • Ailaf Kapdi buy if you want....its 528 now!!! I told u 500 yesterday
  • Ailaf Kapdi buy if you want....its 528 now!!!
  • md emran 480
  • Ailaf Kapdi come pm ....
  • md emran what's the last price
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii friend
  • md emran hello
  • md emran hello what is the problem?
  • md emran spifecation?
  • Ailaf Kapdi 500 last price
  • md emran what is the last price
  • Ailaf Kapdi please don't ask for me.... listening to you only I brought down the price for 500.... After, don't buy it's up to you...
  • md emran what is the last price?
  • Ailaf Kapdi I changed the price only for u, if you want to buy then proceed or else leave it mate.... I can't handle your nonsense....
  • Ailaf Kapdi ohh where is the message then....?
  • Md Amran what a nonsense u are how many time I message u
  • Ailaf Kapdi 😂😂
  • Ailaf Kapdi Are you okay? check the inbox or else stop wasting my time you retard
  • Md Amran are u ok? chk the inbox
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii there....come private...
  • Md Amran hello chk the inbox
  • Md Amran chk
  • Ailaf Kapdi please come private
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry ?
  • Md Amran how about the battery backup
  • Ailaf Kapdi please come privately....
  • zayar What is specifications?
  • Ailaf Kapdi Please message me privately...
  • Md Amran make less I will make lets make a deal
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry that's not the deal..i have put the price thinking of my that's the last price..... thanks
  • Md Amran 400
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