Ailaf Kapdi Ailaf Kapdi
Posted 327 days ago

Hp desktop with CPU and keyboard set...

Hp desktop with CPU and keyboard set...not using it that's why selling it
  • Condition : Used, normal wear & tear
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  • Ailaf Kapdi I am really sorry for the mistake... u can proceed to my page and order the product from there...i have updated the price
  • Basant Rana it is ok my is your product you can change the price any time you want.
  • Ailaf Kapdi It's 330 including meltoo... not 350 sorry
  • Ailaf Kapdi friend, I actually realised the worth of the product...i made a RARE use of it and it works fine.... so I am expecting 350 with meltoo....
  • Basant Rana it is ok my friend if there is a any problem you can cancel my order.
  • Basant Rana i texted you on frnd in private chat but it not sent.
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii friend plz message me.... I want to explain what happened ....
  • Basant Rana i purchased this item.what happened? you don't want to sell it?
  • Basant Rana hello frnd
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii einjhel ryaa.....please send me private message for the details....this product is not sold yet...
  • einjhel rya hi .. can you send the confi details ..
  • Asif Baloch ok.
  • Ailaf Kapdi I will what's app
  • Asif Baloch private chat is not working.
  • Asif Baloch 0522624250
  • Ailaf Kapdi downloaded*** let's talk now...Send me your number privately
  • Ailaf Kapdi Send your number
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay I have downakiared what's app
  • Asif Baloch .
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah .....i will download what's app later and send you the pictures.....of this and the tv
  • Asif Baloch waiting.
  • Ailaf Kapdi okay...sure
  • Asif Baloch bro check the the model in back side steaker.upload some more picture.
  • Ailaf Kapdi It's working perfectly....just don't know the stuff...only rare use...
  • Asif Baloch so it's not working? check the model on back side.
  • Ailaf Kapdi I don't know anything of that, thats why I am selling it for 150...
  • Asif Baloch configuration? ram, hard, processor?
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216 AED, delivery included