Adnan Khalid Adnan Khalid
Posted 453 days ago

Leptop Hard disk

Seagate 320GB 7200RPM used hard disk.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Adnan Khalid Yes
  • rainbows shopie have more?
  • Adnan Khalid I uploaded another with 70 price. I am unable to change the rate on this one. So you can accept the other one.
  • Abdul Rahman tell me when u change
  • Adnan Khalid I will give another add with 70 price. Check that
  • Abdul Rahman to 70
  • Abdul Rahman change now
  • Abdul Rahman ok
  • Adnan Khalid Sorry bro.. After paying meltoo I can only sold it in 70.
  • Abdul Rahman to 65 dhs
  • Abdul Rahman ok change ur ad
  • Adnan Khalid Even you can use it as an external memory, but after some modifications
  • Adnan Khalid Yes off course you can use it in any laptop
  • Abdul Rahman so I can put this hardisk to any laptop
  • Adnan Khalid Sorry bro last 70
  • Abdul Rahman make it 60
  • Adnan Khalid Yes
  • Abdul Rahman it's internal hardisk
  • Abdul Rahman make it 60
  • Adnan Khalid No brother.
  • Abdul Rahman do u have any new piece
  • Adnan Khalid Its for laptop
  • Adnan Khalid 70dhm
  • Adnan Khalid Yah it is working and I have 5 pieces
  • Abdul Rahman way is last price..and is it working
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