Ailaf Kapdi Ailaf Kapdi
Posted 320 days ago

Jacket- Brand New- FETCH THE DEAL NOW!!

This Jacket is completely brand signs of a single damage or tear..... Buy now !!
  • Condition : NEW
  • Size : L (16-18)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's never used at all.... just bought it
  • Ailaf Kapdi it is brand new
  • Gilson Ariola you want the photo
  • Gilson Ariola its not brand new
  • Ailaf Kapdi u didn't return and it was brand new. I still don't understand why u saying it's filled off?
  • Gilson Ariola i supposed to returned it coz you said its brand new
  • Ailaf Kapdi no problem.. but you're liking it right ?
  • Gilson Ariola yes
  • Ailaf Kapdi filled of as in ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi then why didn't u return it? it was brand new completely...
  • Gilson Ariola some part has filled off
  • Gilson Ariola that's not brand new
  • Ailaf Kapdi Only 2 stars Gilson why?
  • Ailaf Kapdi thanks for your purchase Mate!!!. Check my page for more deals and bundle offers, mobiles, and other great stuff..... follow me as well...
  • Ailaf Kapdi so done right ? come on fast click buy it now....
  • Ailaf Kapdi oh.... I understand....
  • Gilson Ariola ok done
  • Gilson Ariola photo not clear thats why i'm asking
  • Ailaf Kapdi dark blue.... in the image.... as u can see from your eyes....
  • Gilson Ariola color
  • Ailaf Kapdi so u want to buy or No?
  • Gilson Ariola ok
  • Ailaf Kapdi what what ?
  • Gilson Ariola what
  • Ailaf Kapdi any more questions before you buy ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi Philipppiline yahoo ! Switzerland...
  • Gilson Ariola what brand?
  • Ailaf Kapdi No not like that....
  • Gilson Ariola why i don't need to know
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah it's brand new my friend....
  • Gilson Ariola no im just asking
  • Ailaf Kapdi are u still planning to ask for more discount?
  • Gilson Ariola it brand new?
  • Gilson Ariola what brand?
  • Ailaf Kapdi so now u take right ?
  • Gilson Ariola ok thanks
  • Ailaf Kapdi good news.... he agreed....
  • Ailaf Kapdi Mate! let me check if my brother agrees.... just give me 2 mins
  • Gilson Ariola i will take if you make it 110
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay welcome..... if you want then click buy it now
  • Gilson Ariola thanks
  • Gilson Ariola ok
  • Ailaf Kapdi Sorry I can't... that offer was only for that day.... now it's 115.... if you need to buy then click buy it now
  • Gilson Ariola i asked you 110
  • Gilson Ariola did you call with sana 102
  • Ailaf Kapdi I have updated the price for you only.... if you want you can buy now .....
  • Ailaf Kapdi please my friend, for you I make 125, then last 115.... this piece is brand new.... I can't reduce more..... for you only it's 115....
  • Gilson Ariola make it one 110
  • Ailaf Kapdi atleast 115 ?
  • Gilson Ariola make it 110 i will take it now
  • Gilson Ariola 110
  • Ailaf Kapdi take it for 125.... I am easy ....
  • Gilson Ariola bro last price?
  • Ailaf Kapdi don't u want the jacket sana?
  • Ailaf Kapdi oh that long to check the size :(
  • Sana Not yet will confirm you by tomorrow
  • Ailaf Kapdi not price.... SIZE***
  • Ailaf Kapdi so have u checked the price sana ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's large size...
  • Sana Okay wait let me confirm size with my brother
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay 102 done....
  • Sana 100 ?
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