Safwan Mani Safwan Mani
Posted 387 days ago

Carom board rarely used

Carom board with coins in very good condition, very rarely used is for sale
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • PaRul_Ghalot Ok thanks
  • Safwan Mani yes
  • PaRul_Ghalot it is with striker n coins too.. right
  • Safwan Mani Changed
  • PaRul_Ghalot it is showing aed 136
  • Safwan Mani done
  • PaRul_Ghalot Ok do 120
  • Safwan Mani last I can do is 120.. Can't go lower
  • PaRul_Ghalot Ok do 110
  • Safwan Mani sorry not possible
  • PaRul_Ghalot do 100 I will buy
  • Safwan Mani 120
  • PaRul_Ghalot last price?
  • Safwan Mani I dnt have the measurement but this is the big one..
  • Rajesh Chawla What’s the size? Length & Width
  • Safwan Mani already mentioned earlier. last is 120
  • Rajesh Chawla Can u give last price
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120 AED, delivery included