Used LG G5 ..32gb..4gb ram..4g in Dubai, UAE
Jitender jangir Jitender jangir

LG G5 ..32gb..4gb ram..4g

LG G5 ...32gb...4gb ram...4g..singal sim...used 10 months...not any singal any complaints...looking like new mobile price is 1200--dhs..price is Final...with charger only
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Jitender jangir still g5 available you can buy again..previous order is cancelled
  • Jitender jangir dear when you purchase lg g5 ..melltoo suspend my account...that's why cancel that order..I updated new one in my list or Search lg g5 if you want to buy
  • Vivian Ngwe I don't understand. is it still available or sold?
  • Jitender jangir hi vivian do you want it
  • Ailaf Kapdi guys the sellers right.... the original price is 1650... It can't be reduced more...still he made 615.... now you guys agree my friends
  • Jitender jangir Ok buy it
  • Vivian Ngwe make it 615 pls
  • tanveer Ahmad 610
  • Jitender jangir .
  • Zach Efy 550 I'll buy
  • Jitender jangir .
  • nasrinliza Sorry broo no need ti check if possible give me.I can give only 550
  • Jitender jangir dear First you check price new for 1200 AED
  • nasrinliza No up dowen if 550 I'll buy
  • Jitender jangir up
  • nasrinliza 550
  • Md Amran 600
  • Zach Efy 540 last. won't go up than that
  • Zach Efy it's old Device now, the rate has dropped. second hand is cheap
  • nasrinliza 500
  • Jitender jangir 642 Final n last check price in market new one ..1200 dhs
  • Zach Efy 530
  • Abel Shrestha Thanks
  • Jitender jangir first you check online price for LG g5
  • Jitender jangir Ok sorry dear I can give you last 640
  • Abel Shrestha Bro M BuYin For mYselF noT For sale
  • Jitender jangir if you give 600 than you can also upload on melltoo
  • Abel Shrestha Bro m a sErious BuYer & all i can give is 600
  • Jitender jangir 650 last
  • Abel Shrestha 600
  • Jitender jangir up
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614 AED, delivery included