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Posted 421 days ago

SAMSUNG 40”Full HD 1080p LCD TV Series 5

Selling my Samsung 40” Full HD 1080p LCD TV. I purchased this March 2011. The TV has never been moved anywhere since its initial installation, EXCELLENT Condition with NO Scratches and NO Damages except that it has 4 EXTREMELY VERY Fine & tiny black thin lines that you can see when you are literally close to the screen and focusing. Else it doesn’t show AT ALL when viewing the TV from a standard distance. The TV comes with a Remote Control that also is in a brilliant Condition with NO damages, and it had a Wall bracket to hang it on the wall. Its a Full HD 1080p TV with 3 HDMI ports. Model No: LA40B530 40” Full HD 1080p. Please visit the following link for more technical details and features:
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Size : 40 inch
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  • Ahsan Jaleel hi can make 500 for this
  • Nasik Gul Ok last price nd plz whatap me 0557329946
  • Cudaluvu @Nasik Gul, Yes still available
  • Nasik Gul Hi still available?
  • Cudaluvu Thanks for letting me know :)
  • Zach Efy good day to you too. I've bought before. ik the price. your selling for high !
  • Cudaluvu Sorry brother.. can’t go that down. Hope you find a product your price. Good day
  • Zach Efy bro i can pay 550 on meltoo if you agree make it 550 I'll buy. above that I'll be paying more.
  • Cudaluvu Sorry if i make it down in such a way then my receiving price goes down even further which is not acceptable. Can we not talk directly???
  • Zach Efy ohh no. i will pay 670 tho, we had a deal about 550. make it so that i have to pay 550
  • Cudaluvu No, Whatsapp no is 0505980160
  • Cudaluvu I have changed as per the price that “I” will receive which is 550, it shows charges as delivery and selling costs and etc and then it shows the Price that I will receive and i set that receiving price to 550 and it automatically updates the rest of the price for posting. Like I mentioned,, its my 1st sell here and not sure how all this works. Call me 0 5 6 4 4 6 5 3 5 9 .
  • Zach Efy does that number you left above have WhatsApp in it ?
  • Zach Efy it's 670 not 550
  • Cudaluvu I have edited the price though
  • Cudaluvu This is my 1st sell here,, not sure how all this works. Call me on the above number that i left in this thread of comments
  • Zach Efy you wrote everything in description
  • Zach Efy I'll buy
  • Zach Efy change the price here
  • Cudaluvu 550 done. Call me 0564465359
  • Zach Efy lets do 550 and call it a deal
  • Cudaluvu 600 best price, and we shake hands. Trust me the condition is just GREAT with no damages and no scratches.
  • Zach Efy 530
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