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Posted 415 days ago

Damas 18K Gold Pendant with chain.

Damas 18K Gold Pendant with chain.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Px Stop messaging on my wall. Why don’t you understand. Melltoo knows better if I’m a serious seller and buyer and not. So let them decide. You just don’t message me again. Melltoo will see that I keep asking you not to message and you still do. You’re just bugging people here and having two profiles makes it more obvious.
  • Mz moh And it’s not your business if I have 2 account lol... because I’m serious buyer.... not like you.. your not serious seller... buying something from and you will cancelled..if you don’t like to buy your item better not to post it.
  • Px Report me please. Converstaions are saved and they will decide. Not you. And now don’t msg me.
  • Mz moh I will posted you also your the not serious seller... your always cancelling orders... you don’t like to sell your Damas gold without bill and always many excuses reason
  • Mz moh Of course I have 2 mobiles
  • Mz moh I will report you also
  • Px And you’re the same person. You have two profiles here. I have reported that too.
  • Px Kindly don’t msg on my wall. I have already blocked you.
  • Mz moh Don’t even threaten me...
  • Mz moh I already fall a sleep last night that’s why I did not check anymore
  • Mz moh I did not say I don’t want.. I was fall a sleep.. if somebody buy give it to them not cancelling there orders.... first come first serve....
  • Px Because I committed to you and changed for you. If you don’t want you shouldn’t have msgd me before. You don’t want?
  • Mz moh First come first serve
  • Mz moh Why you cancelled let the buy your item
  • Px I have canceled this order for you. Buying or not?
  • Px 3
  • Woman Woman What is the gramm
  • Px Buy it
  • Px Ok I’m changing the price??
  • Mz moh 500 I will buy
  • Px Sorry dear, 500 last price.
  • Green Butterfly As long you cant provide me the bill... 450 I will buy it... I will take it now...
  • Px I’d suggest buy from a gold shop
  • Px And if you have doubts then just drop it and better purchase from a gold shop
  • Px I can’t find it
  • Px Because I don’t have all The gold bills for all my gold that I have
  • Green Butterfly But this is real gold ? And the grams it’s really 3 grams? I want the proof for the grams... I’m serious buyer... last time I bought gold earring and she told me it’s 1.36 but when I go to gold shop it’s only 1.34... so I need the proof of the grams of this so that I can I buy it...
  • Green Butterfly Why you can’t provide the bill?
  • Px Almost 3
  • Px No bill
  • Green Butterfly How many grams and with the bill?
  • Px I’m being honest
  • Px Yes
  • Adat0828 ok definitely not , without bill can't be
  • Adat0828 u bought from melltoo and selling it again on melltoo , 🙄
  • Px If you have any doubt then don’t buy it
  • Px Lost*
  • Px Well, yes gold but I list it somewhere and was bought from melltoo
  • Adat0828 it's a gold and without bill,
  • Adat0828 🙄
  • Px No
  • Adat0828 do you have the bill
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500 AED, delivery included