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Posted 447 days ago

Brand New Helicopter infrared control.

Brand New Infrared Control Helicopter. 3D Full light.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Px Ameen shakir, why didn’t you return it back when you were not satisfied with the item? You were not supposed to give me that rating and must have returned the item back.
  • Px Well, it’s bot used at all. And yes if you’re not satisfied then better return it back please. Thanks.
  • ameen shakir I will not accept I will return it back
  • ameen shakir it's used on its fans little scratches
  • Px Do you think it can get fixed?
  • Px Well, I don’t know about that honestly. This is how we got it then. Because we didn’t use it.
  • ameen shakir one side is bend down
  • ameen shakir in pic it's also shown
  • Px This is not possible
  • Px Maybe the courier people did it?
  • Px What? How come? We did not even use it?
  • ameen shakir it's balance bar is broken
  • Px Changed
  • ameen shakir It's new
  • Px Okay
  • ameen shakir Bro make 70 I will buy
  • Px Hi
  • ameen shakir hello
  • Px 75
  • Meelan Leembu last how much ?
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70 AED, delivery included