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Posted 318 days ago

18k Gold Pendant with chain.

Note: The reason putting up this ad again is, there’s some buyer who I dont want to sell because of his bad behavior and attitude. He clicks on the buy button and I cancel it and it shows sold. Have already reported him. 18k Gold Pendant with chain. Approximately 3gms. Comes with it’s box and paperbag.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Px You’re welcome
  • Vangie Javier ok..ill wait for my order...thanks
  • Px If you don’t know him then you’re not in trouble dear. Just want you to don’t reply to him also. And don’t worry.
  • Vangie Javier omg why..????aside from that comment how can i prove myself that i dont know him..this not fair...i just bought item here..why i need to explain so.much....
  • Px Not known *
  • Px Okay thanks. Just make sure you’re known to this person because you migh also get in trouble because of him.
  • Vangie Javier ok...i have few purchased item here...im a regular buyer here...no worries
  • Px And to make sure that it does not deliver to him
  • Px Serious
  • Px Okay. I have again report him to the melltoo team to take seipus action against him.
  • Vangie Javier but i used my credit to buy this item
  • Vangie Javier or maybe he want to annoy u more
  • Vangie Javier ask him again???im confused also why he is thanking u..what about my payment
  • Px Because I will not sell any item to this man
  • Px Can you collect this item from me directly??
  • Vangie Javier i dont know that person...u can contact melltoo if about me..
  • Px Because he wrote as you can see that thanks. Abd that he has bought this
  • Px Yeah but did he ask you to buy this from me and then give it to him ??
  • Vangie Javier i have my own account here for long time...
  • Px There’s another buyer even now for this gold please be honest
  • Vangie Javier nooo
  • Px Because this guy is so annoying and I don’t want to sell anything to him
  • Px If you know him bu any means
  • Px Please tell me the truth
  • Px Do you know this guy?
  • Vangie Javier im from philippines
  • Vangie Javier i order that
  • Px How dare you? And you have ordered this from someone else’s account?
  • Mz moh No Sir. And sorry by the way... 😘
  • Px No, I didn’t sell you? Did you again purchased this item from another account???
  • Mz moh Tnx... you accept my order. They will deliver soon to me..
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534 AED, delivery included