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Posted 312 days ago

Krispy Kreme Voucher - 2 Dozens

2 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts valued 150 aed Valid until September 2018
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • bmnomani He doesn't want to change the price!
  • bmnomani This is never ending!
  • Taha Zaffar We're in it till the apocalypse then. 🙈
  • bmnomani You've got to live with it!😂
  • Original Only And show the receipt to the world 🍩
  • Original Only So buy 60 aed from outside ! Thanks
  • bmnomani Hey. It seems you still haven't sold it off. I'm offering Dhs. 60 again. Because actually, the worth of both the vouchers is Dhs. 60 because you can get 2 dozens of doughnuts for Dhs. 60. Let me know!
  • Sana Ok
  • Original Only @sana just use your melltoo credit to save more
  • Original Only This is 2 vouchers , sorry
  • Sana 60?
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only So what’s the problem , use your melltoo credit
  • bmnomani We aren't the same account but we account for the same thing!😂
  • Original Only So you and taha are same account ?
  • bmnomani Dhs. 60 for 2 dozens! Dhs. 30 for 1 dozen!
  • Original Only U your too much angry in this ad ?
  • bmnomani He stalked your profile @Taha!😂
  • bmnomani If you don't want to get disturbed, please delete your ad!😂
  • Original Only That’s optional only , that’s more than 120 aed right . So what’s all your problem
  • Original Only That’s your selling this is my selling , don’t disturb if you will just harass here or not buy
  • Original Only Even your headset is 1 aed only and selllig it for 99 aed , I don’t care so don’t bother or disturb anyone here
  • Taha Zaffar Dude, I'm not even joking here. You're selling for 2x the value of the actual item. Vouchers are supposed to be cheaper or at par value of the item. So you're the one who's bring unreasonable and unprofessional.
  • Original Only Ok go and buy from wherever you want ... @bmnomani ,
  • bmnomani Dhs. 60 is not for a voucher, but for 2 dozens of donuts. Exactly what you're selling!😊
  • Original Only @taha yes ! The unprofessionalism reveals here
  • Original Only There’s no force of buying here , if you can’t afford , leave it ! I never beg for anyone else too ,just for a few Dirhams
  • Original Only Go buy it at 60 aed ,wait for someone to sell it at 60 aed Thanks for inquiry
  • Original Only One voucher ?
  • bmnomani This voucher is worth Dhs. 60. I'm still paying Dhs. 70!
  • Original Only You sell it for 70 @bmnomani and I will buy from you ! Thanks
  • bmnomani Dhs. 70?
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Taha Zaffar lol I don't have a problem. I'm just stating the actual value of the coupons you're selling.
  • Original Only @taha there’s no force of buying here
  • Original Only You can tell please give it 40 aed
  • Original Only So what’s your problem
  • Taha Zaffar It actually only costs 60 AED on Talabat with delivery.
  • Original Only Plus vat
  • Original Only 6 Times 24 ?
  • Original Only 6 Times 6 ?
  • Taha Zaffar 2 dozen assorted donuts cost 67 AED at the store.
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Up
  • Original Only Ok
  • Original Only Ok
  • Original Only Up !! Hurry
  • Original Only Priced reduced ! Grab it ...
  • Original Only Sorry 😐
  • Original Only 130 last ...
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