Meelan Leembu Meelan Leembu
Posted 283 days ago

sun glass unisex

Sunglass unisex like new no scratch
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Meelan Leembu yar koile pani linu ayena tw ma k garnu tw anyway feri post greko ुxu kinne vaye same price ma
  • Mohan Dhakal Maile order gareko chij sabai cancil gari dinxa timi haru I don’t know why.....?
  • Meelan Leembu sorry mohon
  • Meelan Leembu manoj I post it again please vist my profile and buy it
  • Mohan Dhakal How can buy it is already sold...?
  • Meelan Leembu no need to call simply buy now
  • Mohan Dhakal Sent me your number I will call back from this number....!
  • Mohan Dhakal How come wrong...?
  • Meelan Leembu please buy it again mohan
  • Meelan Leembu I called you said wrong number
  • Meelan Leembu mohan please it buy it again
  • Mohan Dhakal Call me 0545352018 im waiting
  • Mohan Dhakal Ni body bring it I’m still waiting no body cere what is this ....?
  • Meelan Leembu mohan please be informed that no one came to collect sun glasses
  • Meelan Leembu ok 90
  • Mohan Dhakal 90 ok
  • Mohan Dhakal Any scrtch..?
  • Mohan Dhakal If you like 80 plz
  • Meelan Leembu FIT FOR ALL SIZE FREE
  • Mohan Dhakal Size no.plz
  • Mohan Dhakal What about size...?
  • Meelan Leembu 100 final
  • Mohan Dhakal 80 aed plZ
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