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Posted 373 days ago

Lenovo Vibe p1 Rooted

Rooted Lenovo vibe p1 with Android 7.1.1 Camera back :13 mp auto focus and Front 8 txt me Privately on my Whatsapp 0521159813 for up to 100 aed discount
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : Black
  • Brand : Lenovo
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  • Ashok Adhikari Zach efy, Don't teach your father how to Cook Food Alright ! if You don't wanna buy then Suck the Water
  • Zach Efy i am smart. Don't try to be oversmart. you're selling this product for way high. think before you type. you're rude :/
  • Ashok Adhikari Zech, EFy, if you don't know, you can Unroot and claim warranty Friend, Think Smart and be smart 🤗
  • Zach Efy how does it have warranty ? you rooted it. the warranty is gone
  • Ashok Adhikari 😂😂😂 It's with complete box pack and Has Got Warranty too, If You Guys Are interested then my number is up👆👆 Whatsapp or else, please Let the other person Buy💪 With Respect 🤗
  • Aasim Hussain 470
  • Ashok Adhikari sorry, txt me on Whatsapp for anything 0521159813
  • Md Hidayatullah 450
  • Sana thanks
  • Ashok Adhikari @sana That can't be explained In 2 words, please take a look on YouTube if you wish to..With Respect 🤗🤗😅
  • Sana rooted means
  • Zach Efy enjoy your weekend too. thanks
  • Ashok Adhikari okay you better should that broken phone then🤚😅 I'll provide you the rom too if you're interested ..if not then Enjoy your weekend
  • Zach Efy but price is high bro. i got an one plus one for 350 on meltoo and rooted it on Android 8 ( resurrection remix) unfortunately it fell and broke. will u give this for 400 ?plus it's an old device
  • Ashok Adhikari Please inbox for moe info... battery 5000mah works non-stop 24 hrs+++
  • Zach Efy that's a decent specs phone. battery Timing 😍
  • Ashok Adhikari 2 GB
  • Zach Efy ram is how much ?
  • Ashok Adhikari resurrection remix , Everything works perfectly fine
  • Zach Efy lineage os ? or resurrection remix !?
  • Ashok Adhikari inbox me for further Details and discuss
  • Ashok Adhikari Sry Brother, I spent lot of my time to root and Got succeed 🤚
  • Kamran Shehzad 500
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