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Posted 370 days ago

Caterpillar iPhone 5/5S Case Black

Caterpillar Original IPhone 5/5S Case
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Clik Pik Give me ur what's app number
  • Clik Pik Give me ur what's app
  • waseem humayo This is small than a 5s
  • waseem humayo Bro u sent me for 4s this is not a 5s case?
  • waseem humayo Hmm ok thankx for rep, 👍🏻
  • Clik Pik Yes Dear today afternoon
  • waseem humayo Hye boss the courier guy take cover from u?
  • waseem humayo 👍🏻
  • waseem humayo Hmmm ok but i need in brown but that,s fine
  • Clik Pik Black
  • waseem humayo And bro u have in brown or black?
  • waseem humayo Thank u ,
  • Clik Pik Enjoy
  • Clik Pik For ur Bro I will do ur bro my Bro
  • waseem humayo Otherwise this item is yours i cannot force u take care bro
  • waseem humayo I also have no intence tO take but just for my brother
  • waseem humayo If u come 60 to 40 that is clear that no one wants this cover bcz iphone 5s is old now
  • waseem humayo Bro i dont have 5s mob i need for my brother that,s why i am taking otherwise i dont have intebse to take this cover
  • Clik Pik I make from 60 to 40 aed
  • waseem humayo Bro now u seeing 5 dirhams?
  • Clik Pik Ur name is same I have so for u 40 only
  • Clik Pik 40 last I can do my Bro
  • waseem humayo Bro change price it tO 35 i will buy
  • Clik Pik It's new not used just packing damaged
  • Clik Pik Dear I can not get the cost of the case even its 68 on souq
  • waseem humayo Now please dont see 5 dirhams give me in 35
  • waseem humayo Bro can u make 35?
  • waseem humayo 👍🏻
  • Clik Pik Thanks
  • waseem humayo Bro 30 is fine if u want tO give me in 30 i will buy now
  • Clik Pik CAT Original case
  • Clik Pik I did last what I can do
  • waseem humayo I dont have much credit that,s why
  • waseem humayo Bro 30 is fine
  • Clik Pik Last I can do 40
  • waseem humayo Can u make 30?
  • Clik Pik ♥️
  • Mohan Dhakal 40 aed ok...?
  • Clik Pik Authentic
  • Clik Pik IPhone 5/5S case
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35 AED, delivery included