Global Village Tickets 4
Simka123 Simka123 Simka123 Simka123

Global Village Tickets 4

Valid till 18 May 2018
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Simka123 Simka123 Welcome
  • mits Ok. Thanks
  • Simka123 Simka123 Yes 15 is the entrance ticket and for four persons you will have to pay 60 there...but here you pay 30 and use 30 your Melltoo credit if you have,if still you want to buy in 30 please buy other than Melltoo bcoz in this 30 is Melltoo charges... I hope this explains you much better
  • mits 15 aed is the entrance ticket so whats the big deal?
  • Simka123 Simka123 58 is last
  • Simka123 Simka123 30 are u kidding??? It covers only Melltoo charges
  • Vaishnavi Baskaran last price?
  • mits 30
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59 AED, delivery included