Izaz Ahmed Izaz Ahmed
Posted 369 days ago

Iphone 5s64gb good condition only Mobile

  • Memory : 64 GB
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : Gold
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Zach Efy ok wait
  • Izaz Ahmed 0529121003
  • Zach Efy give what'sapp
  • Zach Efy inbox not working
  • Izaz Ahmed Whr going...?
  • Izaz Ahmed Me
  • Izaz Ahmed Inbox
  • Zach Efy give what'sapp
  • Zach Efy i will buy. make add
  • Izaz Ahmed beacose all person are fake after purchase cancel order
  • Zach Efy izaz ahmed post add i will buy
  • Gaante Mula Why u Cancel Order...? u r not a serious seller...fake seller.
  • Izaz Ahmed Wow good 👍🏻job
  • Gaante Mula No Worry, if u Cancel my order...I will Cancel your Account😉
  • Izaz Ahmed Cancel #Gaante
  • Gaante Mula Hahaha...😀😀😀
  • Izaz Ahmed Zach u need than wait
  • Izaz Ahmed Ok cancel plz 🙏
  • Zach Efy this is not good
  • Zach Efy i will also report wait 😂
  • Gaante Mula No, Need Cancel, Melltoo will doing Cancel order & Suspend u both account.. already reported to you.
  • Izaz Ahmed Nw not possible bcoz he is already buy ...
  • Zach Efy i want to buy
  • Izaz Ahmed Sorry bro m already 2time post
  • Zach Efy post again I buy
  • Izaz Ahmed M cancel ur order
  • Izaz Ahmed As ur wish
  • Izaz Ahmed No problem
  • Izaz Ahmed Ok
  • Gaante Mula I report u melltoo.. your both account is getting frozen....Suspend or block..melltoo.ok
  • Izaz Ahmed Yes or no..?
  • Izaz Ahmed U need ..?
  • Gaante Mula U Can Post many time, only one account..ok
  • Izaz Ahmed U don’t want than cancel ur order #gaante mula
  • Izaz Ahmed U need than wait
  • Gaante Mula it's ok, but don't use 2 account , melltoo platform not allowed... Thanks
  • Izaz Ahmed Last add m canceld but but add not remove so m login another account
  • Gaante Mula Mr.Zack...he is using 2 account.
  • Izaz Ahmed M use 2 id
  • Zach Efy what is going on here..... need to report i think
  • Gaante Mula U r fake Seller...Using multiple account...
  • Izaz Ahmed Last m not accept order
  • Izaz Ahmed 1 time...bcoz m cancel last time my order
  • Gaante Mula Seller Also 2 Account Using.... multiple account sale is strictly not allowed melltoo platform
  • Gaante Mula This Phone 2 time Sold...Why...?
  • Izaz Ahmed Zach inbox me
  • Izaz Ahmed Inbox me
  • Ali nawaz zack ...i didn't buy...
  • Izaz Ahmed No
  • Zach Efy if not post again i will buy
  • Zach Efy did u accept the order already ?
  • Zach Efy ali bought ik
  • Izaz Ahmed U late reply someone buy
  • Zach Efy ali u also buy lile this 2 times before. ple let me have this one. I'm looking for so many days now
  • Zach Efy izaz post again
  • Izaz Ahmed 570
  • Ali nawaz 550
  • Izaz Ahmed Ok
  • Zach Efy 570
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570 AED, delivery included