cavin cavin
Posted 279 days ago

Orignal Police watch

Original Police watch with box and warranty card...white bracelet
  • Condition : NEW
  • Type : Watches
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  • James Deann thank u
  • James Deann 240?
  • murtaza002@ want
  • murtaza002@ hip
  • murtaza002@ only white
  • Konala Suresh any more colors dear
  • murtaza002@ r u buying
  • murtaza002@ 16cm is only the bracelet size
  • Rohan Rajesh is it 16cm including the dial?
  • murtaza002@ yes ...u can chk the wrist size..the bracelt size is 16cm
  • Rohan Rajesh will it fit a 14 year old ?
  • murtaza002@ yes
  • Rohan Rajesh ok. and is that the same size too ?
  • murtaza002@ i can make 350 last
  • Rohan Rajesh i actually want the other police watch u are selling. the silver one...could u make that 300 ?
  • Rohan Rajesh whats the maximum u can change ?
  • murtaza002@ how much to
  • Rohan Rajesh oh ok..could u reduce the price?
  • murtaza002@ its 16 cm
  • Rohan Rajesh please let me know the size
  • Rohan Rajesh if it doesnt fit me i wont be able to return it. melltoo only lets u return it if it doesnt match the description. and u didnt mention the size
  • Rohan Rajesh yes i need it but please can u measure the wristband and tell me how long it is in CM.
  • murtaza002@ u want
  • murtaza002@ standard size
  • Rohan Rajesh what size is it ?? (in cm) i will buy it.
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240 AED, delivery included