Muhammed Sajeef Muhammed Sajeef
Posted 371 days ago

Apple 6s

Apple 6s 64gb rose gold nicely used with good condition
  • Memory : 64 GB
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : Rose Gold
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Muhammed Sajeef @faymoo price has been changed
  • faymoo Change to 1250
  • faymoo Change
  • Muhammed Sajeef Guys please get it if you want last 1250
  • Sainul Abid i am intrested can i get for 1200 is ok by melto?
  • Muhammed Sajeef I will give you 1275 is it okay by Melltoo
  • faymoo It’s last? 1300
  • Muhammed Sajeef I said b4 1150 aed excluding Melltoo charges
  • faymoo I know u will sell 1150
  • faymoo U said b4 1150
  • Muhammed Sajeef By melto 1300 last
  • faymoo By meltoo how mcuh last
  • faymoo U r first time but u have good experience👍
  • Muhammed Sajeef This is my first time selling product through this app. My last price will be 1150 excluding meltto charges Or 1600 including all expenses
  • faymoo Why increase price
  • Sainul Abid is there any other charges?can i get for 1150 last?
  • Muhammed Sajeef Contact me daer
  • faymoo I will buy
  • faymoo Change to 1150
  • Muhammed Sajeef What you mean?👆😇
  • faymoo How change price
  • Muhammed Sajeef Dear 1150 the last price excluding all the Melltoo expanses if anyone willing to buy contact me
  • faymoo Reduce pls
  • asif shaikh ok
  • Muhammed Sajeef Appreciated faymooo deal 👍
  • faymoo Make 1150 I will buy
  • Muhammed Sajeef Phone and charger cable only
  • asif shaikh evry tink have charger had phone
  • Sainul Abid 1100 is ok?
  • Muhammed Sajeef 1150 last bro
  • asif shaikh 1050 last this is
  • Muhammed Sajeef It's really affordable price!
  • Muhammed Sajeef 1200 aed last price guys it's really good condition like new!
  • naeemfatiwala 1020
  • Muhammed Sajeef Negotiable make a call
  • Sainul Abid how much is ur last price?
  • Muhammed Sajeef If you are interested please make a call
  • asif shaikh ok
  • Muhammed Sajeef Negotiable but not 1000
  • asif shaikh but u agry 1000
  • asif shaikh ok
  • Muhammed Sajeef Cal me
  • Muhammed Sajeef +971557562289
  • asif shaikh i well give 1000
  • asif shaikh hi
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