Apple Iphone 6 64 GB Perfect READ!!
Keith Menez Keith Menez

Apple Iphone 6 64 GB Perfect READ!!

This iPhone 6 is silver and is 64GB. It's in perfect condition and has no flaws. The password has been forgotten and it's locked. It can be either fixed or used for parts such as display, camera, frame etc since everything is in PERFECT CONDITION....
  • Brand : Apple
  • Color : Silver
  • Memory : 64 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ravi chandran Now available?
  • Keith Menez ..
  • Keith Menez huh?
  • faymoo This s ur acount?
  • faymoo Amazing616. Wht u mean. Why u comnt here😍
  • Keith Menez ....
  • Keith Menez message me in direct for inquiries
  • jio If you wanna make let me know
  • faymoo 6s😆
  • faymoo 5s 64 gb😆😆😆
  • Keith Menez no sorry that's direct price
  • jio Can you make 400 I can buy
  • Keith Menez yeah it's working perfectly and its original
  • ASBIN Orginal
  • ASBIN It’s in working condition
  • Keith Menez there are shops to unlock it I'm deira I think...
  • ASBIN Soo now it can’t be open it is locked
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455 AED, delivery included