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Dell studio RAM 4GB HDD 500GB Screen 15.6 Prosser i5 Laptop it is perfect condition But needs to change battery
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  • Joel Reyes 450
  • Salahudeen_Noorani 0554811207
  • Abdul Basit send your number I will call you
  • Abdul Basit ji Janab hai ye laptop bhej diya
  • Meelan Leembu 475 i will give you
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  • Salahudeen_Noorani come my inbox
  • Meelan Leembu 450
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Last 430
  • Salahudeen_Noorani up
  • Salahudeen_Noorani otherwise you come straight away I will give you best discount. Abdul pattewale
  • Salahudeen_Noorani you already asked 420. not possible sorry
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Make it 420
  • Afsar Sagar is this original
  • Salahudeen_Noorani now also perfect working condition if you change battery you get backup that's it otherwise you can use straight Power plugin
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale If we replace battery it will work fine ?
  • Salahudeen_Noorani Yes available
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale 420
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba Available
  • Shahbaz Khan 400
  • Salahudeen_Noorani up
  • Shahbaz Khan 400
  • Salahudeen_Noorani ,
  • Salahudeen_Noorani up
  • Salahudeen_Noorani yes
  • Nafreez Khaleel it’s available?
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  • Asif Baloch model?
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