Ayman Samy Ayman Samy
Posted 424 days ago

Global village tickets

I vip entry 2 games card charged with 50 for each Valid until last day in the season
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Sana Do you have any other available tickets ?
  • Sana Ohh lay really last day is special there? Any other activities?
  • Ayman Samy And I am going also today
  • Ayman Samy I know there’s party last day if no one want it I will use it 😂
  • Sana It is end of the season only 10 days remains that’s reason
  • Ayman Samy Total 3 tickets
  • Ayman Samy How it is come The game card it is charged with 50 aed So I put it for 35 plus vip card entry I put for 15 So I will take only 85 remaining it is for the application
  • Sana Possible to make 70 ?
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