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Apple iPod touch 1st generation 16gb

good working conditions comes with charging cable
  • Brand : other
  • Condition : Used, normal wear & tear
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Nurka Kastu 50?
  • Ahmedkhaled go away its orginal
  • User 482719 hay enough why did you posted original don't scam the people
  • Ahmedkhaled do you think am an idiot, why did you buy if the orginal price is 10,000 aed , your mind is tour, think brfore buying okay and once again its orginal
  • User 482719 good luck someone Will buy and go to any watch maker ask him to check
  • Ahmedkhaled bro this is 1980 model you dont know anything okay you mind is ..
  • User 482719 do you know how much original 10,000aed same model
  • Ahmedkhaled i dont lie
  • Ahmedkhaled go away bro it's orginal you dont know about anything in your life just return okay i dont care if you know thank watches or no i know better than you i sell orginal stuff okay , return the watch but if i found any damage in the watch you will pay to mee too much okay 👌🏻
  • User 482719 if you don't know about watch you say I am not sure or it's fake tell the truth
  • Ahmedkhaled am not sending anything and return back the watch you dont deserve anything , have a nice day 👋
  • User 482719 send me your mobile no I will WhatsApp to you
  • Ahmedkhaled yeah show me
  • Ahmedkhaled indont care if you are watch maker or anything okhaay
  • User 482719 you want pictures I took
  • Ahmedkhaled dont buy anything from me again i will block you buy buy dont buy again you don't deserve accepting orders
  • Ahmedkhaled its with battires
  • User 482719 I am a watch maker what you think
  • Ahmedkhaled ita orginal and old
  • Ahmedkhaled you dont know about watches
  • Ahmedkhaled you dont know anything
  • Ahmedkhaled it not fake and its automatic
  • User 482719 it's fake and not automatic
  • Ahmedkhaled why did you return the watch
  • Ahmedkhaled bro
  • Ahmedkhaled hello bro
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